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  • GP M1T

  • GP M1T

    General information:

    Active substance: Methyl-1-Testosterone
    Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
    Unit: 50 tabs (10mg/tab)

    GP M1T - Methyl-1-Testosterone - Geneza Pharmaceuticals
    Price: 33.00 USD

    Out of stock


    GP M1T profile

    GP M1T- Methyl -1-Testosterone from Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an oral anabolic steroid derived from the hormone dihydrotestosterone. Methyl-1-Testosterone (or 17alpha-methyldihydroboldenone) is an orally active derivative of the potent anabolic/androgenic steroid 1-testosterone. Thus the profile of GP M1T is similar to that of 1-test except it does not convert to estrogen, and it is highly anabolic and moderately androgenic (less than 1-test). When compared to orally administered methyltestosterone, methyl 1-test is 910-1600% as anabolic and 100-220% as androgenic.

    GP M1T can be looked at some kind of bastard amalgamation of Primobolan, Winstrol, and Trenbolone. It has the basic 1-ene structure of primobolan, the bioavailability of a methylated oral steroid like winstrol, and the high potency of a strong receptor binding of an agent like trenbolone. But the potency of GP M1T exceeds that of every prescription anabolic steroid currently sold.

    GP M1T Reviews

    M1T was the most potent steroid ever sold as a supplement. It could put 20lbs of muscle on in about two weeks. What made M1T so potent was the structure but it also seemed to just have a magical quality about the shape that made it so potent. As a mass builder, it was not possible to beat M1T, since it took fat off the body yet also put on some serious muscle. Like all 17aMethyl products, the muscle gain is of less quality than the slower gains of other prohormones.

    GP M1T Results

    M1T can’t convert to estrogen or DHT, so the gains you will get should be clean and dry gains. Like any 17aMethyl steroid, the big problem with GP M1T is that any muscle gained is likely to be lost as soon as the steroid is stopped. This is because the 20lbs isn’t really “muscle” it is in fact cellular water (which is different from estrogen water retention). The common cycle of GP M1T is a gain of 18lbs and then a loss of 13lbs after the cycle which makes it fairly unpopular unless the bodybuilder is using it right before spring break. This muscle loss is an issue since everyone knows the user is on steroids when he gains 20lbs in 2 weeks, only to lose 15lbs of that 2 weeks later.

    GP M1T Dosage

    When taking GP M1T it is better to start out with at least a week at a dose of 5-10 mg to see how one reacts. Many users find this range to be effective, while others consider the ideal amount to be 20-40 mg. It depends on the experience, goals, and individual reaction. Many consider a lower dose to be just as effective as a higher one, but with less side effects. Most seem to find their ideal dose to be in the 10-30 mg range. Cycle length should be kept short, in the range of 1-4 weeks. Finally, it is especially important to take adequate time off after each cycle with this substance to allow the body to recover.

    GP M1T Stack

    M1T is similar to D-Bol in structure, but it doesn’t seem to have any estrogenic effects at all, making it a good thing to stack with testosterone. When it was a legal hormone the M1T, 4-AD stack became quite popular. Even when used alone, many will opt to stack an anti-estrogen like Nolvadex with this steroid, just to make it a little cleaner of an anabolic.

    A typical effective oral dose for men will be in the range of 5-1 Omg per day, with 20mg really being on the extreme end for the recreational bodybuilder. He would probably be better served with a 10mg daily dose, and stacking it with an injectable like testosterone cypionate. This would minimize the chance for liver toxicity, and would also provide a more balanced cycle in terms of anabolic vs. androgenic effect.

    A combination of 400mg of GP Test Cyp, and 10mg daily of GP M1T would be quite an effecting mass building stack. Of course, these are what fall in the realm of "recreational doses". Still many exceed such recommendations, and take as much as 40mg per day of this steroid. While probably far in excess of what it is needed, some seem to really swear by high-dose cycles of this steroid. One thing is for certain, even 20mg per day is a very serious dose, and is not to be taken lightly, either for its effectiveness or toxicity. Like Anadrol, GP M1T is not necessarily a friendly steroid, but it is definitely an effective one.

    GP M1T Side Effects

    M1T could cause some side effects like liver stress for those who were not in good health, extreme back pumps and potentially acne and aggression. Some people also noticed fatigue and lethargy from M1T which was a side effect in it’s parent steroid 1-Testosterone. Since it is a 5aReduced steroid, you may experience some hair loss using M1T.

    The side effects reported by users of GP M1T are many and individual reactions vary considerably. The most commonly reported side effect is lethargy, which can range from mild to severe. Other common side effects include increased blood pressure, bloating, joint pains, cramps, mild headaches, insomnia, aggressiveness, and irritability. Many users also find that GP M1T decreases appetite, which can be harmful or beneficial depending on one's goals. These side effects can be reduced by lowering dosage or taking smaller doses more frequently. Combining it with another androgen (such as 4-AD) may also help, but feedback on this is limited.

    Another concern with GP M1T (and methylated steroids in general) is hepatotoxicity. Although this tends to be exaggerated, it is still prudent to take certain precautions. First and foremost, other substances that are toxic to the liver (such as alcohol) should be avoided to avoid placing extra stress on the liver. If GP M1T is stacked, it would be best to stack it with something other than an oral steroid/prohormone, such as a transdermal. Milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and N-acetyl-cysteine are commonly recommended to help protect the liver.

    GP M1T For Sale

    At our online steroid pharmacy GP M1T from Geneza Pharmaceuticals is available in packs of 50 tabs, each tab containing 10 mg of Methyl-1-Testosterone substance. You can buy GP M1T very cheap at a discounted price. We offer our clients fast delivery, good prices and the important thing is that one doesn't need prior prescription to order from us.

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