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      We are pleased to anounce you about our little stock update with HGH.

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    • HCG Pregnyl Organon Available for Sale

      The Post Cycle Therapy category has been updated with HCG Pregnyl Organon and is available for $29 per 1 amp + the solvent. HCG Pregnyl is the liquid, purified prescription form of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Pregnyl contains the luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone.

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      New Geneza Pharmaceuticals bodybuilding steroids cycles are available for sale on Body-Pharm.net. Buy most wanted injectable Geneza steroids like: GP Andromix, GP M.D., GP Ment, GP Test U500) and oral Geneza Pharm steroids as: GP Bolasterone, GP Cheque Drops, GP MHN and many more.

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      We are pleased to announce you the availability of a new steroid Brand on our site- Dragon Pharma. Dragon Pharma is a relatively new manufacturer brand but has already gained its great reputation of combining high quality products with modern and innovative technology.

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      It is our pleasure to announce that due to winter holidays BodyPharm.Net has decided to launch Christmas and New Year discounts, thus starting from November 30 up to 10th of January all the available products from our online bodybuilding shop are discounted with 10%.

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  • Before buying and using steroids it is very important to know the exact steroid benefits, but also to be aware of their side effects. BodyPharm.biz encourages you to find more information about anabolic steroids on specialized bodybuilding forums and only then make a purchase.

    Attention for first time steroid users! You must be over 21 years old you must know whether or not internet purchases of drugs in your area are prohibited under local laws.

    Thus being said, Bodypharm.biz welcomes you on this online platform of body building steroids and guarantees the safest delivery. Please remember that there is no need for prescription when purchasing steroids online from Body Pharm.biz. We sell only legal steroids from trusted sources.

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  • Turanabol

  • Turanabol 20mg

    General information:

    Oral Steroid for Muscle Growth
    Pharmaceutical name: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
    Brand: Dragon Pharma
    100 Tablets (20 mg/tab)

    Turanabol Image
    Price: 105.00 USD

    Old Price: 119.00 USD


    Turanabol for Muscle Growth by Dragon Pharma

    Active life: 16 Hours.

    Dosage: Adult dose is 40 mg to 60 mg per day orally.

    Liver toxicity: Low.

    Aromatization rate: None.

    Active substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (20 mg/tab) in tablet form.

    Product description: Turanabol (oral Turinabol) - Anabolic steroid, similar in structure to the Dianabol. The only difference between the preparation of methane - the presence of an additional chlorine atom in the fourth position. Due to this structure, the drug does not aromatize into estrogen, which negates the risk of fluid retention in the body, the development of gynecomastia, and acne. The drug is optimal for beginners who have not had experience with steroids. This is one of the safest means to build muscle. The risk of side effects is minimal. Abnormalities such as erectile dysfunction or problems with the liver, usually are associated with exceeding the recommended dosage or duration of the cycle.

    Turanabol Effects

    Turanabol does not act as quickly as other anabolic steroids, but gives better quality and durable result. The drug does not retain fluid in the body, so the "pullback phenomenon" is reduced to a minimum. Turanabol suppresses natural testosterone to the minimum and optimum levels of the hormone is restored within a week after the deadline. Novice athletes leave following review after the first year:

    • gain of quality muscle;
    • increased endurance;
    • progress on power performance;
    • increased free testosterone levels in the blood;
    • protection of the cardiovascular system.

    Full Turanabol cycle allows you to dial from 3 to 6 kg of lean body mass. The gain on strength exercises is 10-15 kg, endurance increases significantly. The number of repetitions in exercises with its own weight (pull-ups, push-ups) also increases. Price of this drug is somewhat higher than the cost of Dianabol.

    Turanabol Cycle

    For men: optimal daily dose - 40 mg (2 tablets). Boxers, athletes and sportsmen, which wants to raise endurance, can take 10-20 mg. For some powerlifters dosage is adjusted to 100 mg, but the risk of side effects in this case is too large. For women, the optimum daily dose - 2-5 mg (1/4-1/2 tablets). This dose is for minimal risk of virilization.

    For best results, Turanabol can be combined with: Testosterone. A popular cycle for the fast gaining of muscle mass - Turanabol 20 mg and 35 mg of testosterone per day. Injectable Winstrol (Stanozolol). A good choice for drying with minimal impact on the liver. Injections should be carried out every other day for 2, 3 and 4 weeks of cycle.

    Turanabol Side Effects

    Increasing the amount of Turanabol can cause pronounced masculinisation - body hair growth, deepening of voice, change of male pattern shapes, etc. The total duration of reception is 4 to 6 weeks. The half-life of the molecule substances - 16 hours, so it is best to divide the tablet into two portions. To reduce toxicity on the liver, steroids are taken after a meal and it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

    Turanabol Post Cycle Therapy

    On PCT, optimally take Clomid / Clomixyl - estrogen receptor blocker. This is a more gentle option than the use of the popular Nolvadex / Nolvaxyl. If the reception duration does not exceed six weeks and Turanabol was taken within the recommended dosage , the PCT treatment can be neglected.

    Turanabol trade names: Oral Turinabol, Turanaplex, Turanabol, Turinabol, Turinabolo, Turanabol 10MG, Veyron Pharma T.B 0.10, Turanabolic, Tubol 10, Turanaxyl, LIXUS T-Bol, Turinadex.


    Synthetic anabolic steroidal agent. Store Turanabol at room temperature. Protect from light. Keep away from children.

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